Free Trade and Tobacco

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Free Trade and Tobacco

Free Trade and Tobacco (456)

The complex relationships between free trade and tobacco control are generally tackled under this thematic area.

In view of the tobacco provision in the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Decision of the Sixth Conference of the Parties of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control enjoining parties to explore possible legal options to minimize the risk of the tobacco industry making undue use of trade and investments rules to challenge tobacco control measures, this paper explores and analyzes the practice of safeguarding specific sectors in trade and investment negotiations. Safeguarding a sector, be it tobacco control or the environment, in a trade and investment agreement involves legalizing the integration of the sector in the trade treaty primarily…
Friday, 02 September 2016 00:00

Tobacco Litigation in International Courts

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For years, tobacco interests have played an important role in developing international law. Recently, cooperation among nations concerned with the risks and health consequences of smoking tobacco has resulted in the adoption of international treaties, regional directives, and common administrative and regulatory practices. As a result, a wave of litigation before international courts and tribunals, including the European and Andean Courts of Justice, Investor-State Tribunals, and the World Trade Organization’s dispute settlement body, has led to novel legal questions. This Article is the first to trace, survey, and recount the history of tobacco litigation before international courts and tribunals and…

Mary Assunta, 2016, Malay Mail Online

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